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Linda Miller Embroideries
Workshops  2017
Both the Making pictures in free machine embroidery and the 3D Machine embroidery workshops are designed for either the novice or the more confident stitcher who wishes to explore the numerous techniques and textures created by threads and stitch, not to mention the delight of sewing and working with colour to create beautiful and exciting machine embroidery pictures and pieces.

Monterey Cypress
Old Ebford Lane Ebford,
Exeter, Devon, EX3 OPF

Pictorial Machine Embroidery

Wednesday 20th September
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Making Pictures in Free Machine Embroidery

Bring along a drawing, picture or a photograph that inspires you and by using a sumptuous array of threads in a variety of colours and thickness and working with your own sewing machine, you will learn how to translate your original design into your very own picture of stitches.

Students will be guided through all aspects of creating a design, placing imagery, incorporating a background and a fore ground into their design and how to finish and present their work to its full and deserved potential.
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