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Seaside Gardening
2004  32x22cm
An Excellent
Crop of Carrots
2004  30x22cm
Snowy Hilltop  2006  38x17cm  
Singing Sands 1999
Shrimping on the Shoreline
2007  29x20cm
Doves, Daisies and  Daydreams  
2002    33x26cm
Arms full of Chickens  2008  25x22cm
A Good Catch  2002  32x21cm
Autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves  2002  14x36cm

Silkies 2003  46x30cm
An Excellent Crop of Carrots

Linda Miller undertakes commissions and will work from photographs to produce a representational piece. Please contact if you would like more information

Carried away in the snow
Carried away in the Snow  2008  8x8cm
Picking Beans for Our Tea
Picking Beans for our Tea  
2003  29x24cm
Three Big Waves
Three Big Waves  2003  36x15cm
An Owl's Song The fallen leaves spell out your name; Beloved
The Fallen Leaves Spell Out You Name, Beloved  
2007  29x20cm
Twelve Baby Rabbits and one of them mine
Twelve Baby Rabbits and One of them Mine
2003  36x14cm
A Sheltered Spot
A Sheltered Spot  2004
Holiday shells
Holiday Shells 2003  36x15cm
Oh look at all the leaves
Oh look at all the Leaves
2007 46x19cm
Sea Otters 2003
Sea Otters
2003  31x21cm
An Owl’s Song
30x20cm  2009
My Friend the Blackbird Running Fox

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Sharing a Lunch Still in the Blossom

Sharing a Lunch

13x11cm  2010

Running Fox

10x5cm 2009

My Friend,

The Blackbird

26x16cm 2010

Two black cats and Agapanthas
Two black cats and Agapanthas  2008  21x18cm

Still in the Blossom

23x21cm   2010

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